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                      "First-time author Press creates a complex and absorbing world of mouse kingdoms . . ."
                                                                                                                                     — Publishers Weekly
"Readers of all ages will thrill to this animal adventure . . . . Highly recommended."

                                                                                                                — The Midwest Book Review                                                                                                                  

"Fantastical, wonderful, uplifting . . . "
                                 — Mark, Amazon  Reviewer
"The book has something for everyone. It has many aspects to keep very young readers engaged and the political intrigue will keep older readers interested and perhaps even seeing parallels to modern politics."
                        —  (Click through and there is a great recipe included with the review.)
"Lowell Press has joined the ranks of Kate DiCamillo, Dick King-Smith, and E.B.White as a teller of excellent animal stories."
                                                                                                    —  The Fairview Review
"This is a great read for younger readers and even adults will find themselves cheering for the small, furry mice as they fight tyranny.  The Kingdom of the Sun and Moon is a delightful, little treasure."
                                                                                                     —  Compass Book Ratings
"A wonderful tale of grit and courage."
                                                 — Jackie G. Mills, Author of  Peril: The Legend of Sedrak                  
" . . . a delightful story with well-drawn characters and an underlying culture and myth that will charm young readers while keeping their parents engaged . . . "
                                                                                                     — Malcolm's Round Table
"I truly enjoyed reading this book and would consider rereading it again. Press is an excellent storyteller."
                                                                                                      — Trisa, Goodreads Reviewer
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